Are Alienware Laptops Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Alienware computers have been with us for the longest period, providing users with the most awesome gaming experiences.

But many may wonder, how do Alienware laptops measure up for everyday use?

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Quality Of Alienware Laptops

Alienware laptops are exceptional devices, built with outstanding care and quality. Under Dell’s brand, Alienware exclusively builds these laptops for gaming using the most advanced components. Although expensive, these laptops are powerful, functional and durable. They’re also pretty easy to use.

Is Alienware A Good Laptop Brand?

Alienware is an exceptional laptop brand, uniquely designed for high-quality gaming.

This brand is a division of Dell which takes a special interest in developing and improving their gaming laptops using new components, materials and designs.

Your Alienware laptop will give you a seamless game playing experience. Besides that, your Alienware laptop will also blaze through resource-intensive tasks like video rendering, making it ideal for other purposes.

Alienware laptops feature only the most recent hardware components. Most times, you can upgrade many of Alienware’s hardware parts and use it for several years.

Are Alienware Laptops Hard Or Easy To Use?

Alienware laptops are pretty easy to use. Here’s why:

Operating System

All recent Alienware laptops come standard with the Windows 10 operating system. Any Windows user will feel right at home with these laptops, as would over 75% of computer users worldwide.

If you’re looking to upgrade to an Alienware laptop from any other Window-based brand, the transition will be seamless. 

If you’re coming from any other OS, the Alienware laptop will make your learning curve easier.

Part of the reason Alienware uses Windows is that it supports gaming at a massive level. Not only are all AAA titles available for PC, but they also perform at their most optimum on high-quality gaming laptops with the Windows OS. Alienware is no exception.

Besides gaming, your Alienware laptop can download many popular software programs and run plenty of your day-to-day tasks with ease. 

You may have to pay for some of these programs while others are available on subscriptions.

Connectivity Options

Your Alienware laptop comes with plenty of ports and wireless connectivity options. It can support many forms of wired and wireless devices compatible with its hardware and software.

Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports provide high-speed data transfer options for your devices. It also features USB-A ports for standard connections.

If you want to connect to an external display, you can use either wireless connectivity or HDMI and DisplayPort options.

Your Alienware laptop also supports Bluetooth connectivity, giving you access to devices that connect using that format.


Your Alienware will interface with any peripheral device that performs essential functions for you.

It will work with any game controllers, printers, webcams, USB drives, projectors and monitors. Windows automatically downloads drivers to your device and configures it for use on your laptop.

Thereafter, you can perform any function you wish.

You can also use devices like VR headsets and 3D printers with your Alienware laptop.

How Long Should An Alienware Laptop Last?

Your Alienware laptop will last you anywhere between 4 and 5 years, depending on your laptop configurations. Also, your Alienware laptop will last long if you handle it responsibly.

With the occasional upgrades, part replacements and repairs, your Alienware laptop will last you upwards of 8 years.

Why Are Alienware Laptops So Expensive?

Here are several reasons that explain Alienware’s premium pricing:


Alienware gears their laptops towards gamers. For this reason, they’ll load their laptops with the highest quality of RAMs, GPUs, CPUs and Screens. Also in the package are high-quality cooling systems and fans, as well as robust construction that can take a reasonable beating.

Because gamers demand the best components for their devices, dedicated gaming laptops will cost more to meet their specifications

Brand Tax

Under Dell’s successful brand, Alienware continues to produce some of the world’s most elite laptops. For this reason, part of the cost you pay goes to servicing the Alienware brand. Often, this cost is the ‘Brand Tax’.

To own an Alienware laptop is prestigious. Not only does Alienware have renowned performance and aesthetics, but it also has a reputation for sturdy and reliable construction. All these benefits endow the reputation of the Alienware brand.

Material Costs

Just as stated above, Alienware uses some of the best components to build their laptops. High-end CPUs, GPUs, screens, RAM modules and SSD drives account for a huge percentage of the pricing.

Alienware laptops use high-grade metal and plastic components on their chassis, making their devices robust enough to withstand reasonable impact forces.

Research and Development

Alienware spends a huge chunk of their budget into research and development to produce thinner, lighter and more powerful laptops. 

They use innovative engineering to build devices with efficient power systems and outstanding cooling fans and heatsinks. 

These features ultimately contribute to better performance, durability and ease of use. Unfortunately, they also drive up the costs.

Do Alienware Laptops Last Longer Than Average Laptops?

Alienware laptops outlast average laptops under normal circumstances. Just like other gaming laptops, they use high grade components that last long even with extended use.

 Not only that, but Alienware laptops also withstand a reasonable amount of stress and impact. Therefore, it will last longer than a standard laptop.

Careful handling also helps your laptop last longer. A well-serviced Alienware laptop can last up to a decade of use.

What Are The Most Common Issues With Alienware Laptops?

Here are some issues you may face with your new Alienware laptop:

Computer Running Slow

Sometimes your Alienware laptop may run slowly, even with advanced hardware configurations. Programs will open at slower speeds than normal. It could be because of programs and add-ons to your system. It could be an issue with your drivers but it could also be an issue with malware.

Here are some solutions:

  • Remove all unnecessary programs from your computer. This will reduce the number of software using up your CPU or RAM.
  • If your hard drive is full, backup your data to an external drive or delete any data you no longer need
  • Run fewer programs at a time. This frees more RAM and CPU to help run your current tasks.
  • Run an antivirus software to clean out any malware from your computer. After you run the software and reboot your system, it should speed up right away.


Although rare, your Alienware laptop may overheat due to consistent use or a failed cooling system. Overheating leads to unexpected shutdowns and reboots, and if extensive, may cause damage to essential components of your Alienware laptop.

Here are some potential solutions:

  • If your fans have mechanical damage or have failed, repair or replace them.
  • Reseat the heatsink to improve its cooling performance.
  • Avoid using your laptop on your bed, sofa or any surface that insulates against heat loss. Doing this will cause your laptop to cool more efficiently.
  • Clean out the dust on your computer motherboard, fans and heatsink. 
  • Also, change the thermal paste on your device. This will help improve airflow inside your laptop, increase the efficiency of your cooling system and reduce thermal throttling in your computer.

How Long Does The Alienware Laptop Warranty Last?

With every new Alienware laptop purchased in the US or Canada, you get a one-year limited warranty. This warranty becomes effective from the original date you received an invoice for its purchase.

You may also get a 90-day, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year or 5-year hardware warranty extension on your device directly from Dell. This warranty covers defects that your device has through no fault of your own.

Are Alienware Laptops Reliable?

Alienware laptops are reliable, especially for gamers. Their high-quality build, components and performance allows you to use these laptops at a high level for years.

Also, they rarely break down, and with regular servicing, your laptop can last for years.

How Long Do Alienware Laptop Batteries Last?

Your Alienware laptop battery will last you anywhere between 18 and 24 months with standard usage. For power users, this period may be shorter, lasting slightly longer than a year.

However, all laptop batteries degrade and require regular replacements, regardless of how well you use them.

What Are The Most Popular Alienware Laptop Models?

The three most popular Alienware laptops are:

Alienware Area-51m R2

The Area-51m is Alienware’s flagship overclockable laptop. Its prime feature is its upgradability, as you can change its GPU and CPU for newer ones.

Alienware M15 R4

The M15 is Alienware’s classic 15-inch gaming laptop. It’s a powerful device that can run sophisticated games with ease and perform other intense non-gaming tasks.

Alienware M17 R4

Just like the M15, the M17 is based on Alienware’s classic gaming laptop design. It also features similar performance on all metrics with the advantage of being slightly bigger at 17 inches.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Alienware Area-51m R2

The Area-51m is one laptop that many verified owners from Amazon adore. They rate this device at 4.5 stars, making it one of the top-rated gaming laptops on this platform. 

Many users loved its design and performance. It pleased them that these laptops came as expected and delivered without problems. Although some users reported getting damaged laptops, the sellers easily addressed these issues.

Alienware M15 R4

Just like the Area-51m, the m17 received approval from a majority of verified buyers. It received a respectable 4.4-star rating as one of the most favored gaming laptops.

Its robust build and uncompromising performance made this laptop a favorite among users, with most disputes being about refunds and returns rather than the device itself.

Alienware M17 R4

The M15’s bigger sibling did just as well with reviewers, getting a similar rating of 4.4 stars from verified Amazon buyers. 

Its design and performance received particular praise from many users, handling all tough tasks thrown at it. Except for complaints about a poor battery, returns and refunds, this device was a sure fan favorite.

Final Thoughts

Alienware laptops are a cut above their competition. Besides using high quality materials to build some of the world’s best laptops, users actually love this brand.

These laptops may even appear overpriced, but that’s forgivable after you experience their performance.