Are MSI Laptops Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

You’ve probably watched some of the best eSports players and teams use MSI laptops during their gaming sessions.

You may also have noticed that many IT professionals use this laptop brand for all their office tasks.

As you observe these trends, you may wonder: Are MSI laptops worth a second glance?

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Quality MSI Laptops:

MSI laptops are some of the world’s best gaming devices. Their parent company tailors these devices specifically for high-performance on all gaming fronts, which also makes them ideal for other tasks such as content creation.

MSI laptops are easy to use, and they’ll last you long with proper care and handling. 

You may not experience as many problems with it as other laptop brands, and that’s why many people use them.

Is MSI A Good Laptop Brand?

MSI produces some of the world’s best gaming laptops, making it a premier laptop brand. 

Unlike other laptop brands, MSI puts special focus on developing and building high performance laptops with only the best components, designs and materials.

Your MSI laptop will boot quickly, display with amazing graphics, play AAA-title games seamlessly and perform other intense tasks with minimum hang-ups. 

These devices feature only the latest hardware components, and you can expect to own and use an MSI laptop for a few good years before upgrading or replacing anything.

Are MSI Laptops Hard Or Easy To Use?

MSI laptops are pretty easy to use, and it’s for over one reason. Here are some:

Quality Components

If you enjoy running tasks fast or running extra heavy computing tasks, you’ll find an MSI laptop resourceful. Your MSI laptop will rip through AAA games and blow through video editing and rendering tasks. 

These results are a direct consequence of outstanding computer parts.

Not only will your laptop last long as a result, but it will also withstand heavy use for long periods. Quality components can also withstand a fair amount of stress and impact force, so expect little damage to your MSI laptop unless it experiences a hard fall.

Operating System

Many MSI laptops run on Microsoft Windows OS. With an operating system that’s used by over 77% of the world’s computer owners, your MSI should be straightforward to get used to.

If you’re moving from another Windows-based device to an MSI, you’ll fit right in. If you’re coming from macOS, don’t worry. 

Your MSI laptop adopts a user-friendly hardware format which will help you get used to Windows OS much faster.

With this system, you can download and install all the software programs you need to perform simple and complex tasks. 

You can access many open-source programs for free or purchase specialized programs at minimum to moderate fees.

Windows is the best operating system for gaming. So, if you’re purchasing an MSI laptop solely for this purpose, you’re in for a treat.


Performing crucial activities with your laptop sometimes requires you to use external devices. Your MSI laptop is compatible with a range of peripheral devices that every day-to-day computer user may need.

For example, your MSI laptop will work with any webcam, printer, scanner, USB drive, monitor or projector. Your laptop will sometimes download and install drivers to support these devices, but that often happens automatically in the background. 

Once you establish a connection to any of these devices, you can use it right away.

Connectivity Options

Your MSI laptop supports many forms of wired and wireless connections with external devices. It comes with an array of ports that support different connectivity, making your user experience easier.

It can support Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C connectivity for high-speed data transfer between devices. 

An MSI device also features a HDMI port and a DisplayPort that support external monitors in case you need to extend your display.

You can also connect your device to others using wireless network options and Bluetooth, which these laptops support.

How Long Should An MSI Laptop Last?

Your MSI laptop should last you at least 5 years before you consider getting a replacement. 

Although these laptops are sturdier than other brands in the market, they’ll only last long if you handle them responsibly.

You may have to swap out a dead battery once every couple of years, clean it out for dust, repair or replace broken parts and update your software. 

Once you service your device this way, you may get an additional 5 years to its lifespan.

Why Are MSI Laptops So Expensive?

MSI laptops are anything but cheap. Here are some compelling reasons:

Brand Reputation

MSI has a stellar brand reputation for building exceptional devices for over 34 years. Part of the cost you pay for your MSI laptop is because of its brand.

Sometimes this cost is referred to as ‘brand tax’. Many users pay more for devices that come from reputable manufacturers because of their guaranteed quality.


MSI takes particular focus on building laptops whose purpose is to give outstanding game performance. 

For this reason, a standard MSI laptop will come with a high-end discrete GPU, a blazing-fast CPU, a screen with unparalleled clarity and hyper-fast SSD drives and expansive RAM modules.

These components aren’t cheap, and once put together in the behemoth that’s an MSI laptop, the cost only goes higher.


As stated above, many MSI components are nothing but the best that the industry offers. These components are expensive, and that pushes the price of these laptops up.

Quality Builds

MSI puts a hefty budget into research, development and design of their laptops. Afterwards, they end up with a device that has an impeccable balance in performance, weight, durability and aesthetic appeal.

A quality build ensures that parts do not come loose once sold to the final user.

Also, it makes these devices competitive, especially in a gaming market that demands nothing but perfection in speed and power.

Do MSI Laptops Last Longer Than Average Laptops?

MSI laptops will last you longer than average laptops, assuming you handle your laptop well and service it frequently.

Three key factors go into this observation:

  • MSI laptops use high-quality materials that withstand heat, moderate falls and impacts.
  • These high-quality materials and components are built to last, even with extensive use
  • MSI builds laptops dedicated for gaming, which makes them long-lasting and fairly future-proof.

What Are The Most Common Issues With MSI Laptops?

Here are some issues you’ll encounter with your MSI laptop:


Although a common problem among many brand laptops, your MSI laptop may also overheat because of extended use. 

It may also be because of a faulty fan or heatsink. Overheating causes your device to throttle your CPU or GPU speeds, or cause abrupt shutdowns or restarts.

Here’s how to deal with this issue:

  • Repair or replace a faulty fan. Faulty fans are a common culprit in many laptops, but quite easy to fix.
  • Reseat the heatsink to increase cooling by letting it radiate more heat out of the computer chassis.
  • Change your thermal paste to improve the performance of your cooling system.
  • Clean out a dusty fan or use a cooling pad, or vacuum cooler to help your system

Hard Drive Failure

Although rare, your MSI hard drive may fail because of mechanical damage or extensive use. 

Your hard drive may also fail because of excessive heating. Once your dive fails, you may permanently lose essential data, which may come at a higher cost than the price of the drive itself.

Here are some solutions to your problems:

  • Always backup your data on an external drive or cloud storage. In case your drive fails, you can restore your data and prevent further loss.
  • Exchange your current hard drive with a solid-state drive. SSDs last longer, perform better, and have longer lifespans.
  • Get a qualified technician to restore your lost data from your old hard drive to a new one.

How Long Does The MSI Laptop Warranty Last?

Your MSI laptop warranty will last for 12 months after purchasing your device.

This warranty covers manufacturer defects on the laptop or its components. You will also enjoy coverage worldwide wherever MSI laptops are supported within the period of your warranty.

Are MSI Laptops Reliable?

MSI laptops are reliable. Besides featuring high-quality components, MSI builds these laptops to last. Not only do they perform tasks seamlessly, but they’re also fast. 

With responsible use and regular servicing, your MSI laptop can last you well beyond 8 years, and sometimes, even a decade.

How Long Do MSI Laptop Batteries Last?

If you’re a standard user, your MSI laptop battery will last you up to 2 years. A power user who spends extended periods gaming will get at least one year and some months on their batteries.

All batteries degrade over periods of use, and may need to be replaced regularly.

What Are The Most Popular MSI Laptop Models?

The three most popular MSI laptop models are the GS Stealth Series, GT Titan Series and the GE Raider series. Although built bespoke for elite gaming and content creation, these laptops can also perform other tasks.

You can use MSI laptops in your business or office settings, and they also perform the functions of workstations.

All these laptops feature high-end CPUs from Intel, as well as powerful NVIDIA and AMD Radeon GPUs for high-quality and fast rendering.

All these laptops also feature 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch screens that have up to 4K resolution and high refresh rates for an immersive gaming experience.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Reviewers love MSI laptops. That’s why many of these devices receive 5-star ratings from over 75% of all verified buyers on Amazon. Most of these buyers are gamers, and they love the RAM size, Screen size, GPUs and CPUs that come with MSI laptops.

They favor the speed of MSI laptops in particular, as well as reliable temperature control. Except for occasionally noisy laptop fans and catastrophic failure of some hard drives, MSI laptops received favorable reviews.

Almost all Stealth, Titan and Raider laptops received an average of 4.4 stars in all their listings.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy a robust laptop that requires less work to maintain and use, get yourself an MSI.

You can also consider switching from your current laptop brand to this one, and you should be fine.