How Much Do Laptops Weigh? (11 Brands Checked)

The weight of a laptop can be determined by the manufacturer’s specification. 

However, because of a myriad of factors, including design, portability, features and functionality, some laptops are heavier than others.

Other laptops, however, are much lighter with cutting-edge technology to compete in the market.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Weight Of Laptops

The average weight of modern laptops ranges between 2 and 8 pounds. Home, office and professional laptops generally weigh less than gaming laptops, although this trend is changing fast. 

Research and development have helped many manufacturers redesign their devices using lighter but more potent components, ending up with lighter devices that lose nothing in terms of performance. 

Depending on your specific needs, you may choose a heavier, more functional laptop over a lightweight one. You can always find something that suits your unique conditions, regardless of weight. In many cases, you can swap out heavier components for lighter ones if you need to.

Razer Laptops

Razer laptops have varying designs and each laptop comes with a different weight. Razer manufactures professional, creator and gaming laptops, which serve unique needs for each respective user group.

Below are some of the best-selling Razer laptops and their respective weight. 

Best Selling Razer LaptopsWeight in Lbs
Razer Blade 15 – Advanced Model4.40 pounds
Razer Blade 143.92 pounds
Razer Blade 15 – Base Model4.60 pounds
Razer Blade Stealth 133.11 pounds
Razer Blade Pro 176.06 pounds

Samsung Laptops

Samsung laptops, just like other laptop brands, differ in weight. Customer preferences partly influence this variation, and it can also work as a design feature.

Many Samsung laptops have sleek designs, outstanding performance and easy portability.

Check out this table below for some of the best-selling Samsung laptops in the market alongside their weights:

Best Selling Samsung LaptopsWeight in Lbs
Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2 Alpha2.60 pounds
Samsung Galaxy Book ProWi-Fi – 1.92 pounds
LTE – 1.94 pounds
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360Wi-Fi – 2.30 pounds
5G – 2.4 pounds
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 22.70 pounds
Galaxy Book Go3.20 pounds

Alienware Laptops

Even by gaming laptop standards, Alienware laptops are the heaviest. They break many records in both performance and durability.

Alienware uses heavy materials and cutting-edge design features to keep these laptops at optimum performance, especially when gaming.

As you’d expect, not all Alienware laptops weigh the same. Some are lighter than others.

Best selling Alienware Laptops Weight in Lbs
Alienware m17 R3Lowest Weight – 5.51 pounds
Maximum Weight – 6.55 pounds
Alienware m15 OLEDStarting Weight – 4.65 pounds
Maximum Weight – 5.5 pounds
Alienware m17 R4Starting Weight – 5.5 pounds
Maximum weight – 6.55 pounds
Alienware Area-51mEntry Weight – 9.04 pounds
Upsell Weight – 10.4 pounds
Alienware m15 R4Starting Weight – 4.65 pounds
Maximum Weight – 5.5 pounds

MSI Laptops

MSI laptops are lightweight contenders in the gaming world. Their devices use unique designs and premium components to produce some of the world’s best gaming laptops. 

The MSI brand invests in more than just gaming laptops. They also make productivity and content creation devices with matching capabilities and features.

Below find a list of their best-selling laptops and their weight:

Best selling MSI LaptopsWeight in Lbs
MSI GF63 Thin4.1 pounds
MSI GT75 Titan10.05 pounds
MSI PS63 Modern3.53 pounds
MSI GV62 4.85 pounds
MSI GS65 Stealth Thin4.15 pounds

Acer Laptops

Acer boasts of having one of the world’s lightest laptops. Most of their laptops weigh under 7 pounds, except for the Acer Predator 21X that weighs 18 lbs.

Despite using thin profiles, these laptops pack monstrous processors and features that make them blazing fast, even for office work. 

Take a look at some of their recent laptops and their weights:

Best Selling Acer LaptopsWeight in Lbs
Acer Swift 34.14 pounds
Acer Swift 52.20 pounds
Acer Chromebook Spin 7134.15 pounds
Acer Triton 300SE3.8 pounds
Acer Nitro 55.07 pounds

HP Laptops

HP laptops, as you’d expect, can weigh as much as or more than other laptops. Just like other laptop brands, some HP laptops have extra components that make them heavier. Others use a larger build because of their unique purposes.

Depending on some components and material used for the housing, these laptop’s weights will vary.

Check out how the best-selling HP laptops weigh:

Best Selling HP laptopsWeight in Lbs
HP Envy 132.88 pounds
HP Elitebook x360 132.2 pounds
HP Omen5.4 pounds
HP Zbook Create G7Lowest weight – 4.3 pounds
HP Spectre x360 132.8 pounds

Lenovo Laptops

Launching the ThinkPad X1 Nano put Lenovo among brands with the lightest laptops. That’s quite prestigious, especially because thinner laptops lose little functionality.

Lenovo also produces lightweight laptops with better portability than most brands in the market.

Here are some of their best-selling units:

Best Selling Lenovo laptopsWeight in Lb
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 ExtremeNon-touchscreen option – 3.75 pounds
Touchscreen model – 4.04 pounds
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 9)2.49 pounds
Lenovo Yoga 9i 154.41 pounds
Lenovo ThinkPad X13 (AMD)2.48 pounds
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano1.99 pounds
Lenovo Legion 5i 175.5 pounds

Dell Laptops

Dell keeps the weight of their laptops lean throughout. They use innovative components and stylish designs to produce some breathtaking laptops you can find.

Dell produces gaming laptops under their Alienware brand. Besides that, they produce high-quality professional laptops and laptops for creators. 

Here are some of their best-selling pieces and their respective weights.

Best Selling Dell LaptopsWeight in Lbs
Dell XPS 13 Non-touchscreen – 2.64 pounds
Touchscreen Model – 2.8 pounds
Dell Inspiron 15 30003.12 pounds
Dell Inspiron 14 70003.22 pounds
Dell G7 17Lowest Weight – 5.51 pounds
Maximum Weight – 6.55 pounds
Dell XPS 15Lowest Weight – 3.99 pounds (56Whr battery)
4.22 pounds (86 Whr battery)
4.42 pounds(4K touchscreen with 86WHr battery)
4.31 pounds (OLED touchscreen and 86WHr battery)

Apple Laptops

Apple laptops are the kings of lightweight laptops. Their modern MacBooks weigh anywhere between 2.7lbs and above. This design helps them maintain their portability while delivering excellent productivity and unmatched style.

Below are the three of their top-selling laptops and the weight of each unit:

Best selling Apple LaptopsWeight in Lbs
Apple MacBook Pro 13.3”3.0 pounds
Apple MacBook Air 13.3” (M1)2.8 pounds
Apple MacBook Pro 16” 9th Gen4.3 pounds

Asus Laptops

Most Asus laptops weigh 2lbs and over. Despite their relatively lightweight, they still perform on par with some of the meanest gaming laptops in the industry. 

They’re also an excellent selection for content creators, avid gamers and professionals in the workplace.

Below are some of their best selling laptops with their respective weights:

Best selling Asus LaptopsWeight in Lbs
Asus ZenBook Pro 14”3.52 pounds
Asus ROG Zephyrus G143.5 pounds
Asus Zenbook 13 OLED2.5 pounds
Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15”5.4 pounds
Asus ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition5.4 pounds

Microsoft Laptops

Microsoft laptops, alongside Samsung, Asus and Acer laptops, top the list of the lightest laptops available. They use the innovative technology of 2-in-1 devices to keep their devices competitive and functional, especially for creatives.

Many Microsoft devices are lightweight and portable, especially for digital nomads.

Below are the weights of their three most selling devices in the laptop category.

Best selling Microsoft LaptopsWeight in Lbs
Surface Laptop 4 13.5”2.84 pounds
Surface Pro 7 2-in-1I3 Model – 1.70 poundsI5 Model – 1.74 pounds
Surface Laptop Go2.45 pounds

Final Thoughts

All these laptop brands have some of the world’s most powerful laptops, capable of ripping through intense tasks with ease. Many of them have impressive performance capabilities and can withstand moderate impacts.

If you’re looking for a lightweight laptop, your possibilities are endless. However, ensure you find a neat balance between performance, function, weight, build materials and portability.